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What equipment do you use to film & photograph weddings?

We use professional grade Sony Cameras, lenses and lighting to capture weddings. All of our work is then redundantly backed up, and edited in house.

Do you offer 4K for your films?

We are currently in the process of upgrading our equipment to offer a 100% 4K final product. Once we're fully 4K capable, we will be reaching out to all our existing clients to offer a 4K final product!

Do you outsource your shooting/editing? Who will be showing up to shoot my events?

Everything from planning, shooting, and post-production is all handled in house to ensure the highest level of work! It is for this reason that We do not outsource any of our work whatsoever.


Do you offer both photography & video together?

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality product on your biggest day, we do not outsource any of our work! It is for this reason that we only take a limited number of bookings every year, and only offer EITHER photography or videography at one time!

Who picks the music for the Next Day Edit?

Music selection is one of the biggest creative aspects of your wedding film. We find that when we have the most creative freedom with our films, we produce our best work! It's for this reason that we insist on picking the soundtrack. Besides, if you like what you've already seen, we're sure you'll love the music we pick for your films as well!

Do you deliver RAW files?

Due to federal copyright, we do not distribute RAW photo or video files. 

I like another studio's work, and I want you to shoot their style/look! Is this something you can do?

Over the years, we've developed a signature style of shooting and editing, that our brand is built around, and is also the style that we do best! It's for this reason that we recommend only booking with us if our style speaks to how you'd like your day captured! If you do have a very specific vision for your wedding day, that is very different from you see in our work, we do urge you to find a team who's work already fits what you're looking for!

Do you offer Live Streaming?

We do not offer live streaming, however we do have several companies that we can refer you to that would be happy to help!


What are your prices?

We offer a variety of packages to suit any type of wedding coverage, and we would also be happy to customize a package to fit your exact needs. Most of our clients typically invest $5000 with us to capture their Wedding Day & Reception party!

Can you hold my dates?

As we work on a first Sign first Serve basis, we are only able to reserve those dates, in which we've received a deposit and a signed contract for. So get in touch with us ASAP!

What is your payment structure?

We ask for a 50% retainer at signing, and the second 50% 48 hours prior to your first event!

I'm looking for a good deal! Do you negotiate your pricing?

Our pricing has been carefully and fairly set as a reflection of our experience, quality of work, and demand. It's these qualities that we like our clients to hire us for!


If you are looking to book a team based on the cheapest option, we're probably not a good fit

How do you determine your prices?

Our pricing is based on a combination of our quality of work, demand for dates, and pricing that we've historically and consistently booked. As we gain more experience, technique and demand, we typically increase our pricing year after year to reflect this. So we encourage all our interested clients to book sooner than later! 

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